What Are Projects in Adobe Experience Manager

In Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a “Project” is a central workspace where team members can collaborate on specific tasks and activities. AEM Projects provide a consolidated view of all related resources, assets, and tasks for a particular initiative, making it a powerful tool for managing work in AEM.

Key Takeaways

  • AEM Projects are workspaces for team collaboration on specific tasks within AEM.
  • They provide a consolidated view of all related resources, assets, and tasks.
  • Projects can contain multiple tasks and activities that can be assigned to team members.
  • The “Projects Console” in AEM is used for managing projects.
  • Each project has a lifecycle, and its status can be tracked in the Projects Console.

Understanding AEM Projects

In AEM, a Project is essentially a workspace that gathers all the resources, assets, and tasks related to a particular initiative. It offers a structured way for team members to collaborate, share information, and track progress. It can be a marketing campaign, a website launch, a content update, or any other set of tasks that need to be completed.

The Role of AEM Projects

AEM Projects help organize and manage work within AEM. They provide a single point of reference for all resources related to a task or an initiative. By using AEM Projects, teams can collaborate more effectively, track project progress, and ensure that all tasks are completed on time.

Anatomy of an AEM Project

An AEM Project typically includes the following:

  1. Assets: These are the resources that are needed for the project. They can include images, documents, videos, etc.
  2. Tasks: These are the activities that need to be completed for the project. Tasks can be assigned to team members, and their progress can be tracked.
  3. Timeline: This is a visual representation of the project’s lifecycle and the timeline for completion.

Managing AEM Projects

The “Projects Console” in AEM is the central place for managing projects. It provides a comprehensive view of all available projects, their details, status, and allows you to create, edit, or delete projects.

AEM Project Lifecycle

Each project in AEM has a lifecycle, which includes various stages such as planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. The status of a project, indicating its stage in the lifecycle, can be tracked in the Projects Console.

Collaborating in AEM Projects

AEM Projects provide various collaboration features like comments, notifications, and task assignments. Team members can communicate and share updates within the project, ensuring everyone stays informed about the project status and any changes.


AEM Projects are a crucial part of the Adobe Experience Manager’s functionality. They provide an efficient way to organize and manage work, promote team collaboration, and track project progress. Understanding how to create, manage, and collaborate within AEM Projects can significantly enhance productivity and effectiveness in using AEM.

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