How to Verify Component Deployment in AEM Web Console: A Comprehensive Guide

This guide will explain how to verify the successful deployment of a component in the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) through the Web Console.

Key Takeaways

  • The OSGi Web Console in AEM provides detailed information about the deployed bundles and components.
  • Verifying the deployment of a component is a critical step in AEM development.
  • The process involves accessing the Web Console, navigating to the correct section, and checking for the component.

Understanding AEM Components and Deployment

Components in AEM are reusable elements that are used to build the content structure of pages. When a component is deployed, it becomes part of the live AEM environment and can be used as a building block in creating web pages.

Accessing the AEM Web Console

The AEM Web Console is a web-based interface that provides information about the status of the AEM instance, including deployed bundles and components. To access the Web Console:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to your AEM instance.
  2. Add /system/console/bundles to the end of the URL.
  3. Enter your AEM credentials when prompted.

Understanding the Bundles List

Once inside the Web Console, you’ll see a list of bundles. Each bundle represents a group of components or functionality within AEM. Bundles are deployed as a unit, and their status is shown in the Web Console.

Finding Your Component’s Bundle

To check whether a specific component has been deployed, you need to find the bundle that it belongs to. Use the search function in the Web Console, entering the name or ID of the bundle.

Checking the Bundle Status

Once you’ve found your bundle, check its status. If the component has been successfully deployed, the status of the bundle will be “Active”.

Checking Component Details

For a more detailed check, you can open the bundle details:

  1. Click on the bundle’s name to open its details.
  2. Look for your component in the “Exported Packages” section.

If the component is listed there, it has been successfully deployed.


Verifying component deployment in AEM through the Web Console is a crucial step in AEM development. It allows developers to ensure their components have been successfully deployed and are ready for use. By understanding how to navigate the Web Console and check bundle statuses and details, you can confidently manage your AEM components and ensure your AEM site is functioning as expected.

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