What is Vanity URLs in AEM

In the world of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a Vanity URL is a feature that allows for the creation of simplified, user-friendly URLs. These are designed to be easy to remember and share, enhancing the overall user experience.

Key Takeaways

  • A Vanity URL in AEM is a simplified, memorable URL designed to be user-friendly.
  • Vanity URLs make it easier for users to navigate to specific web pages.
  • The creation and management of Vanity URLs in AEM is straightforward.
  • Vanity URLs can improve SEO, as they can be more relevant and memorable.
  • They can be set at page level within the AEM Page Properties dialog.

Understanding AEM Vanity URLs

A Vanity URL is a unique, simplified URL that is intended to be easy to remember and share. In the context of AEM, Vanity URLs are used to provide user-friendly URLs for specific pages, improving the navigation experience for end users.

Configuring Vanity URLs in AEM

A Vanity URL in AEM can be set at the page level. This is done through the Page Properties dialog, under the Advanced tab. Here, you can enter a desired path for the Vanity URL.

The Importance of Vanity URLs

The value of Vanity URLs lies in their user-friendliness and their potential to improve search engine optimization (SEO).

  • User Experience: Vanity URLs are easier to remember and type, improving the user experience by making navigation simpler and more intuitive.
  • SEO: Vanity URLs can contain keywords relevant to the content of the page, which can help improve the page’s search engine ranking.

How Do AEM Vanity URLs Work?

When a Vanity URL is configured for a page in AEM, the system creates a mapping between the actual URL of the page and the Vanity URL. When a user navigates to the Vanity URL, AEM automatically redirects them to the actual URL of the page.

Vanity URLs and SEO

A well-constructed Vanity URL can improve a page’s SEO. By including relevant keywords in the Vanity URL, search engines may rank the page more favorably, leading to better visibility in search engine results.

Understanding the AEM Ecosystem

Vanity URLs are just one of the many features of AEM that work together to provide a comprehensive content management solution. Understanding how they fit into the larger AEM ecosystem is crucial for effectively managing and optimizing AEM-powered websites.


Vanity URLs in AEM are not just about aesthetics, they are a powerful tool for improving user experience and SEO. By providing a simplified, memorable way to navigate to specific pages, they enhance the usability of a website and can contribute to its success in search engine results. Understanding how to effectively use Vanity URLs is an important aspect of managing and optimizing AEM-powered websites.

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